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Hi, I'm Renata Gomide

(Pronounced Henatta Gomeede). I help rising leaders and executives who aspire to accelerate career and business growth while cultivating balance.

It's my belief that you can have it all - and you get to decide what it means to have it all.



Following the passion to helping others unlock their full potential...

My expertise is based on real-life experience, mentoring several people who want to accelerate career development, transition to graduate school or to a different career, become better managers and leaders, and improve wellness and life balance.

Instead of using a traditional coaching methodology, I’ll leverage design thinking to co-create an approach that works for you based on your goals, and priorities and we will pivot whenever needed to accelerate results.



...while redesigning my career and life

I have created and maintained wellness habits while working in different countries and navigating complex organizations and changed multiple times based on my priorities.

I have nearly 20 years of experience in strategy & operations consulting for tech. I hold an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and a BS in Computer Sciences from the Universidade Federal de Vicosa Brazil. For more experience and credentials see my profile on LinkedIn.

What you won’t find on LinkedIn is that I quit a high-paying job that was not aligned with my purpose to explore the world and reflect on what I wanted to do next before the great resignation was cool. I was also passed for promotion one or two times and I had to learn how to manage organizational politics, ask for what I wanted, and cultivate sponsors to help me move forward.


No matter the challenge or the bold goal you want to achieve - I can help you accelerate your growth as your advisor. 

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