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Wellness + Career Development + Creative Power = Fulfillment


Strategic Career Advisory

We will work together to accelerate the achievement of your career goals. 

In the first session, we will discuss what success looks like, what you want to accomplish, and why. It could be transitioning to a new role or organization, accelerating your promotion, getting into graduate school, building an international career, growing as a leader and managing diverse and large teams, or possibly navigating organizations as a minority among other objectives. 

In the following two (2) sessions, we will build and fine-tune the career plan, with clear milestones that will help you to measure success, keep you motivated and on track. 

For some clients, three (3) Strategic Career Advisory Sessions are the support needed. We can check in every other month to discuss potential pivots, such as - you learning that the new role you desired is not a good fit. 


Other clients want more accountability and support to track milestones, identify landmines and tackle challenges in real time to accelerate progression. For these clients, I recommend starting with six (6) sessions and including additional ones as needed.


Typical Program Duration: 3 to 6 one-on-one 60 min sessions. 


Executive Life Performance

We will focus on integrating 3 pillars - wellness, creativity, and career growth - to build the life that you want.

In the first two (2) sessions, we will use design thinking to define your vision - what makes you happy, sparks your joy, and how these align with your career priorities.

In the following four (4) sessions, we will redesign your life based on your priorities - what balance means to you, how you want to improve your well-being, what skills you want to develop, how you increase your creative energy, how to create boundaries and focus on your priorities, and what brings you fulfillment in your career and life. 

For some clients, six (6) Executive Life Performance Sessions are the support needed. We can check in every other month to review the plan - as you re-balance your life, what change is required to optimize your outcome. 

Other clients want to dive deeper into all 3 pillars and build detailed plans with close accountability to track goals to accelerate progression. For these clients, I recommend starting with twelve (12) sessions and including additional ones as needed.


Typical Program Duration: 6 to 12 one-on-one 60 min sessions 



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Public Speaking

I love to share my experience improving life balance for enhanced performance and 360-life success. I have delivered tailored presentations for small teams or large audiences of over one hundred (100) people for my employer Accenture, the University of Michigan Alumni Association, and Stanford Continuing Studies. 

Topics discussed in my latest presentations:

  • Redesigning your career and life - how to prepare for a season of change

  • Understanding burnout and how to avoid it - for yourself and your teams

  • How to disconnect during vacation and improve productivity satisfaction at work

  • How improving your wellness improves your productivity for career growth

  • Experimental strategies to improve your vitality

I have also interviewed entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and professors on topics related to life balance and career progression. You can watch some of these interviews on  my blog Ideas for Divas


Group Advisory

Group Advisory helps young professionals to accelerate the development of leadership skills while building the foundation to achieve a sustainable, long-term successful career.

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You are the only one who can drive your growth, fulfillment, and joy. Taking ownership of your life goals is the first step to success.

Renata Gomide, Founder Type A Performance


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